Welcome! to Bob Clearmountain's Studio Page. 

Yes, we’ve finally updated our ancient web site! We hadn’t touched it in years, mainly because we’ve been quite busy mixing stuff, which is a good thing in this lousy recording economy.

Even though the site looks better, we’re still amateur web designers so if you have any comments on web design or content, like stuff you think should be added, improved on or that you think is just lame, you can keep your useless opinions to yourself, or you can email them to us. Please let us know if you find any broken links—thanks!

If anyone is interested in having Bob mix their record or live concert video, they can have a look at his discography and contact Kelle Musgrave for all mixing related inquiries.

We hope you find the site interesting !

Please note that the above view of the control room is a very distorted, 360º photo.  We actually don’t have two SSL desks!